Scott Tilghman

Scott Tilghman

Church Hill, Virginia

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M. Scott Tilghman – (born September 26, 1964) is an American artist born in Washington DC. He studied at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland Virginia. Was in the first graduating class of Art Students. Bachelor of Fine Arts Management with a Studio Art Minor class of 86. Moved to Richmond Va and was a cartographer for 10 years and then switched careers to Computer Help Desk Manager. Was inspired back into Art in 2013 by two pivotal events. The First was his daughter Sidney B Tilghman entered SAIC (School of the Art Institute Chicago). The second was he moved to Church Hill area of Richmond and responded to an advertisement by Nayda Warthe-Gibson (owner of buckets of birds gallery on Main St) for a Tuesday night open painting space. Kelly Flemmia and Scott showed up and they began meeting every Tuesday since. They formalized the group, The Hillian’s Art League in 2014 with their first group show. In Artist statement - Like a moth drawn to a street light, I am drawn to all the colors in everything around me. I was trained to fill the entire canvas with paint, so as a personal challenge I started leaving small gaps between the colors as I painted. Culminating in a mosaic style of painting. The white you see is actually the natural white of the gesso canvas. The “Femme” or women series are my response to the importance of women in art (Matisse and Warhol) the still life paintings are studies that help me work out ideas for larger paintings. The abstracts are color images in my mind that fight their way out of my creative self to the canvas. The landscapes are my way of forcing a viewer to see colors in things around them. I have been using French to title my mosaics simply because I can (thanks to Bing translator) and I find it amusing. About Scott ~ BA in Fine Arts Management with a Studio Art Minor Randolph-Macon College

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